We are not always aware of trends when they come. We’ve been using ephemeral content for a couple of years now and it has been slowly changing the landscape of Lakeland marketing but we’re only noticing it now. Ephemeral content is only available for a short period of time. They disappear usually after 24 hours. The perfect example of ephemeral content is Instagram and Facebook Stories. One of the earliest platforms that used it was Snapchat.

People’s attention spans are short. Businesses are capitalizing on that with the use of content that demands a reaction from the viewer as soon as possible. Just how popular is this content? Nearly 70% of marketers are using Stories for their strategies. They are engaging with their audience via ephemeral content. The number of users of Instagram Stories more than doubled the past year. There is no stopping this new style of marketing.

Instant Reaction, Instant Gratification

One of the most popular uses of Instagram and Facebook Stories is the “swipe up” feature. Basically, sellers will post a photo of the product they are selling. For the viewers to check them out (or know more details about them), they would need to swipe up. Swiping up means the viewers will visit the store’s website, which is usually already linked to the page where they can find the product they are viewing. This makes it easier for a potential customer to know more about the product and buy it from right there.

That’s an instant reaction from a potential customer. The ability to trigger that kind of reaction is what makes ephemeral content such a hit among marketers.

More Engagement

Stories are also more engaging. Viewers react to Stories with emoticons or text. The reply is sent as a direct message or private message to the one who posted the Stories. There’s an instantaneous chance to interact with potential customers. Simple things such as “liking” the Stories will create a kind of seller-buyer relationship that’s not possible in any other type of marketing campaign.

Not a Trend

No, ephemeral content is not a trend in Lakeland marketing. It’s here to stay. You have the option to put your stories in a highlight reel in your profile. Posting Stories doesn’t mean you lose those forever. However, what you’re after with ephemeral content is the ability to post without curating your feed. You can be as free as you want to be with your Stories. That’s the real beauty about having two options of posting content—one on your feed and the other on your Stories.