To understand better how much email marketing is important to a business and how to make a more effective one, you need to see the statistics: 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, mobile is the device used by users to interact through email, and personalized emails have a higher click-through rate. Those who are working in Lakeland marketing are six times more likely to earn a click.

Write a Good Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that your customers will notice. Write a good one to persuade your customers to open the email. A poor subject line will just put your email in the trash bin. The rules of writing a subject line are: use action words, make it unique and concise, and differentiate it from the rest of the inbox’s content.


Do not send a generic email to your customers. If possible, put your customer’s name on the subject line. That will make it more personal. It will speak directly to your customers. The only way to ensure that it won’t be lost in the sea of emails in the inbox is to personalize the subject line. Your email will catch their attention when the subject line has the customers’ names.

Make Your Emails Clear and Catchy

Catchy emails are great but first, they have to be clear and concise. When customers open your email, they should understand its purpose and what they have to do after reading it. While having catchy emails are great, they only confuse customers when they cannot tell exactly what they want the customers to do.

Relate the Subject Line to the Copy

The subject line and content of the email should be related or you will lose the interest of your customers. What did your subject line promise? Did it promise a voucher and discount code? Then, keep that promise. This will go a long way toward improving the reputation of your company. Your customers should know that you are trustworthy; that when you say they will find a discount code in the email, they will find what you promised.

Be Relevant

The content of your email should be relevant to your business. You can also tie it to events that affect your customers. Today, your email can touch on the issue of the coronavirus pandemic. You can share with your customers how your business is changing because of the pandemic.

Write in the Second Person

The second person is the best voice to use for any Lakeland marketing materials. It is easier for them to relate to your email when it is written in a way as if you’re speaking to them. This will make it easier for them to connect to you. It also enhances the chances that they will open your emails in the future.