Social media has forever changed the way organizations go about their businesses. Today, Lakeland Internet marketing strategies are focused on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even LinkedIn. If your company does not have a dedicated Facebook or Instagram page, you’re losing a lot of opportunities to reach out and engage your customers. Although Facebook remains to be the most popular social media platform, Instagram is fast becoming an important marketing tool for companies.

This is especially true for businesses that depend on its visuals to entice customers. If you sell clothes, accessories, and food, then you’re better off having an Instagram business page. You can post hundreds of photos that will showcase your product line.

But this does not mean that more serious businesses such as financial and shipping companies cannot have an Instagram page. This is when your creativity will come into play. If you can somehow make these serious businesses interesting on Instagram, then you have done a great job of marketing their products and services.

Give Special Attention to Your IG Bio Page

How can you make sure that people will stay on your Instagram page after they land on it? What will keep them interested to browse your photos and content? Pay special attention to your bio page. Put all the necessary information there to convince your customers that your business is reputable and legitimate. You can even put a link to your website or blog so that it will be easy for your customers to click on it. The site opens up on Instagram‘s platform but your customer can choose to open it on their browser instead.

What else should your bio page include? Basic information such as your business phone number and address would help convince your clients. Also, you may want to utilize the story highlights feature of Instagram. The feature will allow you to post highlights of your IG stories on your bio. For most online sellers, this is where they input things that they want to be pinned on their Instagram page. Examples of highlighted stories are menu, feedback, celebrity clients, price list, shipping options, size guide, and many others.

Tell a Story Through Your Photos

Instagram is different from Facebook in such a way that IG feels more personal to most customers. Instagram is used to promote the lifestyle that surrounds your business. If you sell baby clothes, for example, it will be helpful to post photos of children wearing the clothes that you sell.

Some other Lakeland internet marketing ideas for IG are behind-the-scenes photos of your company meeting, team-building photos, and even that slice of cake that your team had during a company lunch. Make sure that your Instagram feels more real and human to your customers. Facebook has a way of feeling more generic while Instagram has always been the more authentic one.