Has the time finally come when we should forget about traditional advertising methods such as print and broadcast? Should we invest all our advertising budget on Lakeland internet marketing? Is social media the right platform for our promotional materials? The short answer is no, traditional advertising will never die. Instead, it just evolved and together with internet marketing, they will dominate the industry for a long, long time.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has been around for the past two to three decades. Although it is not as impactful as it is today, it has influenced marketers and advertisers for the better part of the last decade. Why else will social media have such a huge influence on the way we market and advertise our products and services? Why would we even invest thousands of dollars in building our own websites if this is not important in promoting our business?

The truth is, internet marketing is now an integral, if not the most important component, of every marketing strategy that we can think of. Without a presence online, our businesses will be doomed from the start. We need to be visible online all the time. If a potential customer searches for a product or a service, they will look for it on the internet using social media and search engines. Can you imagine if Google cannot index your website, or if you do not have a page on Facebook or Instagram? No one will ever find out what you are promoting.

Traditional Marketing

And then, there is traditional advertising. For many years, traditional advertising has been at the forefront of every marketing scheme that we can think of. Name it and traditional advertising has a handle on it. Those digital billboards that you see along freeways and highways? Those are born from the concept of billboards, posters, and streamers. Those pop-up ads that you see on every website that you visit? Those are molded from television commercials that you now hate to watch.

Traditional advertising is at the center of every marketing method that you use to promote your business. It is not dead. Rather, it has evolved into something that is much more impactful. Instead of giving away newsletters and flyers to passersby, businesses now send email newsletters to promote a certain product or service. Instead of handing out discount coupons, customers can download these coupons from apps, websites, and social media. All they have to do is show the digital copy of the coupons to the cashiers in stores and they’ll have their discounts applied on their purchases says right away.

The next time you wonder if Lakeland internet marketing is the only way to promote your business and traditional advertising is passe, think of the many ways that products seduced you in the past. If you really think about it, these “old” advertising techniques are the basis of these modern marketing on the internet.