We can no longer rely on SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, and email marketing alone. Lakeland internet marketing is witnessing a dramatic shift in the behavior of digital marketing strategies and the consumers themselves. In this current high-tech, internet-connected, and digitalized era, businesses have to keep up with technology if they want to get a piece of the pie.

Artificial intelligence

We cannot ignore the fact that AI is here and it is here to stay. It can take over the simple jobs and allow you, the business owner or manager, to focus on the more important things like developing new products and training for new services. Instead of having a dedicated team for the marketing of your products, you can rely on AI to search behavior patterns and analyze data from social media platforms and blog posts to help understand how consumers find their products and services.


Chatbots were an important part of the Lakeland internet marketing world in 2018. They will continue in this role this year as more businesses will use and activate their own chatbots to engage with customers and deliver services. Many customers, in fact, prefer interacting with chatbots because they are responsive, give answers promptly, accurately recall their purchase history, and never lose patience. They offer outstanding customer service and they meet the customers’ demands and expectations.


Want to stand out this year? You need to personalize everything you can about your business—the content, the products, the emails, and more. Now more than ever, you have incredible access to consumer information. You can use this information to personalize a lot of the components of your Lakeland internet marketing campaign. You can use their real names when you address them in the emails. You can greet them on their birthdays and give a discount coupon as a gift. You can send them an invitation about product launches they may be interested in.

Video marketing

Videos improve conversion rate. There’s no doubt about it. And we’re not talking about merely YouTube videos. If you want higher engagement with your video marketing, you need to upload it on every platform you can think of—from your website to your blog to Facebook to LinkedIn. Live video is also gaining popularity. Consumers want to see interviews, live product demos, and behind-the-scenes clips of the production process. You can now invest heavily in personalized video messages rather than phone calls or emails.