Marketing to parents is far easier compared to other markets. Parents are easily persuaded to buy things for their children. They want them to have the perfect OOTDs, accessories, and IG-worthy photos. That requires clothes, shoes, and accessories. So, where do parents look for affordable pieces? On the internet, of course. This is why your baby clothing shop should invest in Lakeland internet marketing. Your audience is on the internet, constantly browsing posts to look for their babies’ next purchase.

Post on Instagram

Your customers are on Instagram and Pinterest. These two social media platforms house young parents. These are your market. They have dispensable income and they always want their children to look good on their IG stories. Make sure to post during optimal times of the day such as in the evening when the children are asleep and the mothers can browse their accounts.

Use Pinterest

Sure, Pinterest isn’t exactly like Instagram and Facebook in terms of marketing. But do you know that Pinterest directs users to a website where they can purchase the items they want? Pinterest is a mood board. It collects favorite recipes, fashion style, home décor, and travel quotes. Most Pinterest users are on the platform when they are already looking for something. It means they’re ready to buy but they are looking for the perfect piece.

Reach Out to Influencers

In this day and age, never underestimate the power of influential parents. There are plenty of accounts on Instagram that you can follow. See what they are up to. Reach out to them. One post from them about your products/services will bring hundreds of inquiries in an instant.

Tell them you’re happy to have them try your product/service for free. Hopefully, they’ll be so impressed by your items that they’ll want to talk about it on their posts. Remember that there is no guarantee that these influencers will love your products. Take a loss in exchange for the opportunity to impress them.

Tease Them on Amazon

The best platform to use to sell your baby products is on Amazon. That’s where your Lakeland internet marketing strategy can truly skyrocket. However, there is a huge competition on Amazon. What you can do is post one or two products on Amazon, making sure these are way cheaper than similar products in the market. That will lead customers to your website. Of course, it goes without saying that your website’s URL should be on the product page and seller page.