Marketers believe that if you will hire or partner with influencers, your business will stand to gain awareness, profit, sales, and new audiences. There is proof of these claims, too. Your Lakeland internet marketing strategies will grow under influencer marketing. So, yes, it’s a fairly new concept, especially for old-time marketers. It’s hard to understand that these social media influencers now control a big chunk of the consumer market. But the truth is, they do. They command more than a big chunk of your market. They command nearly all of it.

And unknowingly, you could also be falling prey to these influencers. Have you purchased an item after seeing it on the Instagram page of a certain personality? If so, you have been influenced to spend money on an item because someone else uses that product. That’s the kind of influence you should also hope to get for your business.

In order to choose the right kind of influencer for your business, you have to know the types of influencers out there.


A micro-influencer has thousands or tens of thousands of followers. They focus usually on one niche (cosmetics, for example). Because they have a fairly small following, they talk and converse with their audience. They have high engagement and their followers are very loyal. Many of their followers feel that these micro-influencers are their friends so when they endorse your products, their audience will follow suit.

Celebrity Influencer

Of course, celebrities have huge followings. They have millions of followers. One tweet or post from them will bring your business hundreds or thousands of inquiries. The interest will be overwhelming. But to get to these celebrities, you have to be good or you need the money to pay them to mention your brand. If you have the money to pay them, celebrities are effective in reaching any kind of audience.

Blogger Influencer

A blogger influencer works also on an established blog with hundreds of followers. The blogs can be about anything. These bloggers usually partner with local businesses. You may want to tap them so you can get your business featured on their blog. One small blog post from these influencers will get you thousands of likes, comments, and inquiries. You can also create a guest post on their website as part of your Lakeland internet marketing. Their followers will be able to read your post and hopefully, you intrigued them enough that they’ll want to check out your website.