Whatever you view online—blogs, videos, images, webinars, infographics, etc.—is content of some kind. Content is when the post or image does not explicitly promote a brand but helps you think about that brand because of the timing of the message. Content marketing is when the post stimulates interest in the company’s products and services. It is still clearly the most effective type of Lakeland internet marketing there is.


There are two types of blogging—industry-specific blog and company newsletters. The first one is when you publish content intended to educate the audience about how your products and services can help with their problems. You see this type of blogging all the time. You even see this on your favorite social media influencers’ pages.

The second type is a hard sell. Companies publish newsletters to discuss the technical specifications and features of their products and services. This type of content helps customers arrive at a final decision to purchase (they already have an interest).


This is another important component of content marketing. Linkbait is the creation of informative and relevant content that other websites will be hard-pressed not to link to. Their linking to your post will give your website authority. It’s one of the most effective ways to rank higher on search engines.

Guest Posting

You can create informative and relevant content and post it on another website. It can drive referral traffic to your site, which is also an excellent indicator that your web page contains relevant content. Google loves guest posting. It tells the algorithm that you are an expert in your industry. What more, guest posting also helps you build relationships with your niche and industry. It’s an exciting way to build your brand.

Video Creation

People love watching videos. It’s the most powerful medium for Lakeland internet marketing. But you also have to make sure to create a video that is engaging and informative. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and the time that your viewers take to watch your videos. Make it impactful.


Are you selling a digital product? Then, you can host webinars, which are basically mini online courses. It helps you educate your viewers about your products and services. This is specifically useful if you’re selling something very technical.

Content Syndication

If another website republishes your content (with your permission, of course), that’s an excellent source of referral traffic. People will want to know more about your business and what you offer. As a result, they will want to hear more than what the syndicated content tells them. They’ll visit your website, giving you the opportunity to deliver your message directly.