Lakeland internet marketing is all about storytelling. It’s about composing a story that will persuade your readers and/or viewers to think about the merits of owning your business’ products. Internet marketing is about using the world wide web as an endless platform to reach out to potential consumers. It’s no wonder that some internet marketing companies are using eBooks (digital books that can be downloaded with a fee or free from the web) to drive more attention to their campaigns.

How can eBooks be different from a press release? Look, press releases are marketed as public relations material. Some people just don’t trust PR companies so they forego reading what they believe as PR materials or PR stunts. But eBooks are more professional and it takes more skills to write a whole book than a single-page press release. It is in this context that people will believe more what you say when it is written down on the pages of an eBook rather than when you use press releases and Facebook posts.

You can use eBooks to drive home a point, to market, to promote, to disseminate information, to engage customers, to reward clients, and many more. Some companies even use eBooks to highlight the importance of their clients to them. If you’re a retail store that sells ready-to-wear dresses, you can ask some of your most loyal customers to send their OOTDs (outfit-of-the-day). You can then choose from these photos which you can include in the eBook.

Wouldn’t your customers love to be a part of your marketing campaign? Not only are you trying to reach out to a whole new market, but you’re also essentially developing the relationship you have with your present clients. When you use actual clients on your marketing campaigns, most of your target audience might be drawn to you.

Why? Models are isolating. This means that we don’t look like them. We don’t have lives like they do. We can’t afford the same things they do. But when you use actual customers, you’re making your target market realize that they, too, can afford the products and look good wearing or using them. And publishing those photos on eBooks make your target audience realize how much effort you put into making sure your clients feel valued and their interests protected.

In the end, Lakeland internet marketing is about making stories that will matter to your audience; stories that will make them feel good about themselves and therefore, your company.