No matter how careful you are with your Lakeland internet marketing, there is still a pretty big chance that you’ll face crises and challenges in the future. You can use social media to divert these crises and turn them into opportunities instead. But it’s easier said than done. There is so much more to plan for and look out for before your social media presence can save your business from a crisis.

Social Media Policy

There should be a guideline for your employees to follow. Do you know that an employee wrongly posting on the company’s social media account is the easiest crisis to solve? All you have to do is apologize to your followers. Hopefully, you can also honor what was posted by the errant employee. Still, it’s best to avoid these things from happening.

What you need is a social media policy that will include copyright guidelines, privacy guidelines, confidentiality guidelines, and brand voice guidelines. Your employees should be briefed on the importance of not talking about the negative aspect of the brand on social media. They should also be careful with what they plan to post on their social media accounts.

Securing Your Accounts

Weak passwords and other social media security risks are the culprits as to why crisis happens in a company. Can you imagine what a disgruntled employee would do to your social media accounts if they can be hacked? The more people know your passwords, the higher the possibility of a security breach.

Have a limited number of people accessing your accounts. Trust only a few of your employees to handle your social media accounts. Only those who were trained to handle social media posts should have access to your company accounts.

Listen to Social Media

What are people saying about your brand? When there’s a sudden spike on your brand’s mentions on Twitter, don’t immediately think something positive is being said. It can be completely the opposite. You need to delve into the issues and create a Lakeland internet marketing plan as soon as you see what’s going on. If someone posts about a negative aspect of your brand, call the attention of the people responsible for the issue. Have them explain what happened before creating a message for your audience.

Create a Clear Chain of Command

Before getting into the nitty-bitty of the brand’s message during a crisis, what’s important is identifying the chain of command. Who makes the decision when a crisis happens? Who gets to say the final word? Even before a crisis crops up, create a chain of command, identifying the people who will make decisions.