One of the most popular ways to increase the audience’s awareness of your website is to create blog posts on another (usually more popular) site. Guest posting is the practice of creating free web content for other sites in exchange for a link back to your own site. It’s a widely popular and effective Lakeland internet marketing strategy to reach your target audience. The links can be found within the site’s bio or the content of the blog post you pitched.

But Google has once flagged down sites with too much low-quality blog posts. The practice has become so popular that some website chooses to create low-quality posts to be published on other websites. The idea is to “fool” Google into thinking that your websites are credible enough because of the strong number of backlinks it has. However, low-quality content is a no-no for the search engine. Eventually, it warned websites about this practice.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Backlinking is still a smart strategy. You just have to be sure that the content is well-written and the topics are relevant to the audience of the host websites.

Choose a Target Blog

Who are the industry leaders in your field? Identify the blogs that talk about companies, products, and services that are similar to what you’re offering. Scope out the sites that your competitors have been guest posting on. If they allowed a competitor of yours to write about a certain topic, they will surely allow you, too. Make sure to make a more relevant topic pitch.

Come Up With Great Topic Ideas

Who is the audience of the target blog? Get to know their readers first. The only way they will allow you to post a guest blog on their website is if your topic is relevant to their audience. Who are these people? What do they want to hear about? What are they expecting from the target site? How are you going to reel them in? The more interesting your topics are, the better chance you have of getting published.

Write a Summary of Each Idea

Are you pitching multiple ideas? Write a summary of each idea, so your target site can have a gist of what you want to write about. If you want to discuss Lakeland internet marketing, enumerate the points you will likely make in your blog post.

Submit Your Ideas to the Blog Owner

Finally, send your ideas to the blog owners through email. Look for their email addresses on the contact us page of their websites. Be professional in your email. Present your ideas to them, but never be pushy. Remember that you are basically asking for a favor. They don’t have to say “yes” to you. Hopefully, your ideas are interesting enough for them to allow you to post a guest blog.