Let’s get this out of the way: Facebook is important for Lakeland internet marketing. Whether or not you are a fan of the social media platform, you can’t deny that Facebook is one of the most diversifying, challenging, and effective marketing routes to take. Engagement on Facebook happens when a post triggers an emotional response from the audience. What is an emotional response in terms of social media? It’s when your audience shares, comments, and reacts to a post you made. That is engagement.

The ultimate goal for every business is for Facebook users to share their posts with their network. This means the post is going to reach people who have not liked or followed your page. This is an ultimate boost to your page’s marketing efforts.

But how do you improve customer engagement on Facebook?

Understand What’s Working for You

Have you checked your page insights lately? The information there will tell you which of your posts have the most engagement. You will also learn about when’s the best time to post on your page and just how many views your page had in the past days, weeks, and months. The data you will find here should help you understand what’s already working for you. You shouldn’t alter or change any of the “good things” that you’re doing. Remember that adage? If it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it? That’s true for social media engagement, too.

You should also check out the People tab on your insights tab. Here, you will discover who your followers are—when they are online, what posts they like to engage with, and where they are based. Such information will also allow you to better understand what needs to be done to increase engagement on your Facebook posts.

Know What’s Working for Other Businesses

Take a look at your competitors’ stats. What’s working for them? Which of their posts have the most engagement? You can scan the pages of your competitors’ websites and see which of their posts have the most comments, shares, and reactions. You should learn from the types of posts that your audience wants. You can then apply the information you get here on your own page.

Ask Your Followers to Post Questions

Encourage your target market to ask questions about your company, products, and services. You’ll be surprised that a lot of them have interesting questions about how your company works. You should take the time to answer these questions. Highlight the questions that will interest the rest of your audience. Just make sure to ask your followers if you can post their names and profile page.

Your Lakeland internet marketing strategy should be focused on increasing Facebook engagement. This is the first practical step to building your presence on social media.