When it comes to your Lakeland internet marketing, it is common knowledge that data analysis is a huge part of determining the success of your marketing strategy. After all, this is hard data that is measuring all of the parts of your online marketing, which is a solid way of figuring out if your marketing is working for you or not.

However, while online metrics are unarguably an important part in the success of online marketing, you should be aware of the fact that there are some metrics that won’t do much good for you or your Lakeland internet marketing strategy. These are commonly known as vanity metrics. Learn more about the vanity metrics that you should disregard in your online marketing strategy.

Page Views

Like website traffic, page views simply measure how many times visit a particular page. However, also like website traffic, it doesn’t do much good for your website as a whole. It looks good on paper because higher page views always seem to be a good thing. However, it doesn’t extend beyond that, because these are just a surface metric.

These don’t tell you how many users are engaging with your website or converting, which means it doesn’t really let you know how successful your website is as a whole. If you’re looking into the success of your website, you should be looking at metrics like social shares and click-through-rates.

Social Media Followers

When looking at social media marketing for your Lakeland internet marketing, the website traffic version of this would be social media followers. The followers you gain on social media platforms don’t really do much in informing you of how much engagement your social media posts are getting.

This is because there are social media personalities out there that pay for more followers just to boost that number. Unfortunately, higher follower counts don’t matter so much anymore when it comes to the success of your social media marketing strategy.

In addition to buying followers, a lot of people create bot accounts that don’t really do anything except fluff out follower counts, which means you can’t trust the number of followers you have since you aren’t sure if these are actual users or not.

There are also follow back followers that aren’t interested in your content and only care about getting you to follow back in exchange for them following you. If you’re trying to measure the success of your social media marketing, you should be looking at content engagement, above everything else.