Web managers are trying to remove pop-up ads from their websites because they think these annoy web visitors. At some point, they do. But when done correctly, pop-ads are a great way to market your business and its products/services. A Lakeland internet marketing strategy can benefit well from using pop-up ads because they basically work like the flyers you get from someone standing near the entrance/exit to the grocery store.

You can use the same principle in making flyers to making these pop-up ads. The guiding principle should be to make the goal obvious. What is the ad about? Is it about a coupon code? An introductory price? A new product line? You have to be very clear with your Lakeland internet marketing goals because web users will only give the ad a glance before they close the window.

Write a Snappy Headline

Remember that you’re only given about two seconds before this ad is closed. Unlike a flyer, you don’t have a second opportunity to catch their attention. The moment the ad came into view, it should be so interesting that the web visitors would instantly want to know more and click on the ad. That’s the objective. You want them to click on the ad, so you need to make a snappy headline that will interest them.

Use the Right Image

Don’t use a collage of photos. You don’t need that. Instead, use one authentic and high-quality image to showcase what you are selling. Your web users’ eyes should be drawn to this image. If you have to use stock photos, make sure that you get one via a premium membership. Choose the most relevant image for your business.

Highlight the Benefits

Highlight the benefits of the products for the web users. Don’t use the words “we” or “I.” Focus on “you.” Tell them what’s in the ad for them. Make sure to enumerate the benefits without expounding on them. Let them know about the benefits in the most concise manner as possible. There’s no use detailing the benefits of the products in the short amount of time the web visitors will give your ads.

State the Deadlines

Remember that when it comes to giving away coupons, most customers don’t look at the exemptions and validity dates. This creates a lot of tension between the cashier and the customers. Thankfully, your pop-up ads can be taken down when it’s not valid anymore. But in any case, it is worth putting the validity date of the promo on the ad, so the customers know if they can still use the coupon codes or not.