Phone and face-to-face conversations are still the best medium for Lakeland internet marketing. However, if these are not possible, you can check out how email can be the perfect solution for your marketing problems. Face-to-face and phone conversations can sometimes feel intruding. That’s why a lot of customers would choose to receive emails than calls. It’s a less annoying way to be marketed to. Mind you, customers are more intelligent now. They know that they are being sold to a certain concept, product, and service.

Stop trying to fool customers. When you make an email, go straight to the point. Don’t try to convince them that you simply “care” about their welfare. They know you’re there to make a sale and they will respect you more if you are honest about it.


Your emails should be concise. You should try to fit in as much information in a few words as possible. It’s easy to ramble in an email because has no limits. However, your customers can just as easily hit the back button because they are not interested in what you have to say.


What is the goal of your email? Don’t write one without having an intention in mind. Do you want your email to convince the recipients to follow you on social media or take advantage of a sale? Everything in your email should be focused on that intention.


At the start of the email, write a summary of what you are about to discuss. This gives the readers the opportunity to see if they are going to be interested in what they will read. If they’re not, they can simply hit the back button. But you also have the opportunity to make them interested in it. Some people will automatically close the window upon seeing a marketing email. But if you discuss the intention in the summary, you may convince them to stay and read through the email.


Every email has to be organized. There is no perfect formula for how to write an email to customers, but you should start with a greeting, an introduction to the email’s subject, an argument as to why your email matters, and a conclusion with a call-to-action message. No matter how you choose to write your email, the structure should be clear so it’s easy for your recipients to understand and comprehend.

When you put these elements together, you will create an email that can benefit your Lakeland internet marketing.