Learning how to handle Lakeland internet marketing amid a pandemic such as the SARS-CoVID-2 outbreak can spell success or doom for your business. This is the best time to show your customers that you’re more than just a company trying to make money. You are a company that cares and can show compassion to its clients and workers. They will take this knowledge with them after we survive this outbreak. That will have a huge impact on your business.

Convey the Right Tone and Message

People are working from home. Some lost their jobs. Some are not getting paid in full. Many are worried about their bills and what comes after this crisis. The tone and message that you convey through your Lakeland internet marketing campaign should be mindful of the unique situations people are finding themselves in. Although you shouldn’t be overly optimistic to the point that you’re taking this situation in stride, you also should cause undue panic to your customers.

You don’t have to talk about the virus, but you can talk about how your business can help. You can share tips to your customers on how to use your products/services to tide them over during this bad time. If that is not appropriate, simply put up government-mandated reminders on your social media pages. That alone will be of great help in disseminating proper information about the outbreak.

Pause Inappropriate Campaigns

If you have a scheduled ad on the way to your customers’ inboxes, perhaps you can hit the pause button. It is okay to pause ads and marketing campaigns that are non-essential. Why would you want to inform your customers of a completely unrelated new product you are going to launch? They don’t even know how they’ll pay for their next meal. It would be insensitive for your organization to tease customers into spending their money if your products/services are non-essential.

Inform Customers of the Crisis’ Effects on Your Business

You should inform customers how you are going to handle the crisis’ effects on your business. If you are going to stop producing, tell them why you have to make that decision. If delivery is not an option, tell them why you have to stop this service. In short, let your customers know how you are going to adjust your business processes and services to this new norm. Recognizing the effect of the crisis on your business will help customers realize that despite it, you will always have their backs.

You can use these same Lakeland internet marketing strategies on all crises that your business may face in the future.