Your social media accounts allow you to connect with your customers in real-time. They open communication lines and allow for increased engagement. The questions are, however, how can your Lakeland internet marketing improve on this engagement on social media? What are the best ways to connect with your market?

More than 65% of American adults are on social media. They use Facebook and Instagram to connect with their loved ones and find information about the products and services that they want. As a business owner, you are dependent on social media to connect with your market. You need to use this power to improve the way you go about your business.

Respond Quickly

If there’s one thing your potential customers hate more than waiting for a webpage to load, it’s not receiving the response they want as quickly as they want it. You only have a couple of hours before a customer goes to another page and enquires about their products and services. Burt’s Bees, which has almost three million followers on Facebook, responds to comments and messages within minutes or hours. Their responses are signed by a company representative for transparency.

Create Graphics

Graphics and charts stand out from the rest of the textual content on social media. They are shareable and they can be posted on all platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They rise above the noise and clutter on social media. Create graphics that are visually appealing and compelling. They should tell a story. They should also be accompanied by a short caption that has a call-to-action text.

Post Blog Links

If your company has a blogsite, post links to the blog articles on your social media feed. Write a short snippet of the blog to compel your followers to click on the link and read the whole article on the site. You should make sure your content is valuable and that it adds to the knowledge of your social media followers. Your content should have an attention-grabbing title, an attractive image, and a short caption.

Produce Videos

Produce videos about your products and services. People easily understand and share videos on social media. They love watching videos (even without sounds on). They are compelled to share videos that they deem interesting and entertaining. Make sure that your videos have a compelling storyline. Videos have more comments than any other Lakeland internet marketing posts on social media. Just make sure to respond to these comments quickly.