Even before the pandemic, there is a noticeable shift from physical stores to e-commerce. Consumers are becoming more demanding. But more, they want something new or something old but has new demands: e-commerce. It’s convenient and necessary in a pandemic-plagued world, so why shouldn’t businesses shift toward this platform where Lakeland internet marketing will be at the forefront of marketing strategies.

Social distancing measures have forced many people to retreat to their homes. So, how do they shop during a pandemic? They shop through online stores. Small businesses who now have an online store said this new platform is completely alien to them. Sure, they purchased from online stores in the past. Like many, they did online shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

But to do it to your business? That’s another matter entirely. They believed that this shift will last a long time, possibly forever. They also realized that this may not be a sustainable business model for them. If things don’t start looking up soon, small businesses and their e-commerce sites only have until next year to operate.

The Cost

The cost of designing and building a website is too much for some businesses. They’d rather shift their attention to Lakeland internet marketing, which they have a thorough grasp of. Depending on the kind of website that your business needs, you can spend thousands of dollars on it. During a pandemic, is this the right kind of investment? Yes, if you want your business to survive.

Other Options?

Small businesses have other options, of course, namely social media. Facebook and Instagram have marketplaces of their own. This means that small businesses with business profiles can sell to their followers on social media. Instagram even has a feature that allows the followers to see the prices of the items in the post itself.

This, in fact, has been such a huge help for small businesses during the pandemic. Since not all businesses can afford to hire a web designer and developer, the next best thing for them is to use the free tools available on social media.

How the market will shift in the new normal is still unknown. There are many ways this pandemic could impact consumers in general. However, as the industry shifts to digital retail, small businesses must learn to keep up with their own brand of Lakeland internet marketing. Along with social media tools, this will tide them for now, at least.