There is no better time than today to produce high-quality Lakeland internet marketing strategy. The Covid-19 pandemic has effectively locked down people in their homes. This means a lot of people are online and looking for digital content to consume. They want memes. They want information. They want music. They want videos. They want to be informed and entertained. They are following media outlets for updates. But also, they want to check out what their favorite influencers are up to. This is why you should continue doing influencer marketing at this time.

With the right planning and execution, influencers can be effective in engaging and reaching out to your customers. They can provide useful information and at the same time, provide a relief from their worries. As long as the message is sensitive to the plight of others in this crisis, there is no reason why your Lakeland internet marketing should not use influencers.

Provide Information and Value

Remember that we are in a crisis. It is not good judgment not to recognize that there is a problem in our midst. One of the most important things that an influencer should do is to not capitalize on the pandemic. This isn’t the time to sell a product or a service. This is not the time to run a contest. Rather, this is a time for solidarity. The only thing an influencer should do is to reach out to your customers and keep your brand in their consciousness.

This means they have to provide accurate information about the pandemic. That’s one way of recognizing the impact of this crisis on the business operations and the customers. While the influencers can inform the public about store closures and other updates, they should not be tied down to providing basic information. These are the same things people can learn from your social media pages.

Beyond the basics, allow influencers to provide value on why your products and services may be useful right now. Perhaps, you run a courier service that can deliver essential supplies to your customers. Did you tweak the services a little to comply with the current regulations? If that is the case, the influencers should talk about this new service in detail.

Keep in mind that for the Lakeland internet marketing to succeed, influencers must use your brand to keep customers entertained while they are quarantined at home. They should promote the brand and what it can do during this time of need. They should talk about the help you’ve been providing to frontliners and others affected by the pandemic.

Their number one priority is to keep your brand in the consciousness of the customers. Even if there is no assurance of what kind of business environment is waiting for you after the crisis, your customers should remember who you are as a company.