A lot of people don’t realize what their abandonment of the shopping carts can do to a business. Millions of sales can be lost because of abandoned carts. When you put an item into your shopping cart, the merchant will reserve that item until such time that you pay for it. However, if you abandon your cart, you will force the merchants to empty it themselves and put the product back on sale. If you have an online store and you suffer from the losses of abandoned cards, you will be glad to know that you can use Lakeland internet marketing to recapture this lost audience.

Offer Discounts

The best way to recapture your audiences the offer discounts for the items they have already placed in there abandon carts. Some online stores experiment with different price ranges in price points for similar items depending on the customer’s buying history, lifestyle, and demographics. The best way to attract these consumers to go back to your site and buy the products is to offer them at a lesser price.

Provide Free Shipping

One of the many reasons why customers would prefer to leave their carts behind is because of the shipping rates. If you are charging a larger fee for shipments, you will find that your abandoned carts percentage will rise. Many customers will prefer to go to Walmart to pick up the items they need without having to pay the shipping fee. You can partner with couriers so that you can offer and provide free shipping depending on the amount of shipment that the customer ordered.

Use Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to figure out the exit points of your customers. You can use the data there to pinpoint the exact page that your customers decide to leave. You can then go back to this page and check what could be the reason why customers are deciding to leave right at this point while they are browsing your website. Is it web design? Is the page slow in loading? Is there a problem with the page and does it send an error report?

Retarget on Social Media

You can create retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. Although it is different from an email marketing wherein you will offer the discount or free shipping directly to the customer, this is actually a great Lakeland internet marketing strategy because it also attracts other customers. In short, you are retargeting customers who abandoned their carts on your website and also potentially attracting new customers.