Gone are the days when car shoppers would actively seek out an agent to get info about a prospective car. Today, they spend at least 36 hours on the internet to research a car they want to buy. They watch videos. They read reviews. They ask questions. They do everything on the internet and that is why car dealerships need to change the way they reach their target market. That is, they need to focus more on their Lakeland internet marketing strategies.

Go on Facebook

About 84% of your target consumers are on Facebook. This means that your market relies heavily on the content they find on Facebook. Place ads on Facebook to reach people who have already indicated they are on the lookout for a certain vehicle. Facebook’s algorithm is powerful enough that it will allow you to target your ads to the audience according to age, sex, gender, dealerships preferred, type of vehicle, interests, and more.

Market to Millennials Using Instagram

Instagram, unlike other social media platforms, is all about reputation, branding, and visuals. Millennials, in particular, love it. And seeing as how millennials are obsessed about looking good and building their own personal reputations, you should use Instagram to fuel their want for a car. Your vehicle needs to showcase the lifestyle that this generation wants.

Upload a Video on YouTube

Studies showed that more than 84% of current car owners plan to watch a video review first before they buy a car next time. The same thing can be said for current car-seeking consumers. They spend hours on YouTube looking for comparative reviews of the car they are eyeing to buy.

Make a video for your Lakeland internet marketing about the car you’re selling and make sure that it’s not purely commentary. Show the car’s features. Drive the car around. Let the viewers see why it’s beneficial for them to own this car.

Connect and Interact with Potential Clients

If you’re creating content but not engaging clients, what use would good content be? The key to a successful Lakeland internet marketing strategy is to communicate with the market. You need to answer questions on social media, exchange views, share links, and thank those who share your content.

Social media is a fast-moving world. You cannot wait for hours to respond to a comment or a query. There’s a good chance someone else has piqued the interest of your market in a couple of hours that you didn’t respond.