Facebook pages are probably the most cost-effective way of marketing and promoting a business. Can you find a platform that has a bigger and wider reach than Facebook? How about a platform that lets you customize ads for less than $100? The cardinal rule of Lakeland internet marketing today is this: without Facebook, say goodbye to your business. Any business will be hard-pressed to survive without some form of presence on Facebook or other social media sites.

Post Regularly

Do you want to be present on your followers’ news feeds? Then, post as regularly as you can. Two to three times a week should be enough. If you can, aim to post at least once a day for better retention.

Show Your Personality

Do not act like a robot on social media. You need to show a little bit of your personality. Make sure that your posts are personable; that they don’t feel too mechanical. Do not intimidate your followers.

Post Behind-the-scene Photos and Videos

Your followers want to get to know your business and the people behind it. Posting behind-the-scene photos and videos will endear you to your customers. They will see you as something real. They will understand what goes into the process of manufacturing your products.

Use Fan Content

Your fans are your best endorsers. You don’t need to pay social media influencers, models, and celebrities to endorse your products and services. Your fans are going to do that for you. All you need to do is follow your fans and make sure to repost the content they produce featuring your brand. Of course, don’t forget to request permission.

Post Photos in Comments

Not many people know that posting photos on comments helps in SEO. Also, it gives your audience the impression that you care about what they think of your company. It lets them see the effort you take into making sure they feel appreciated.

Use CTAs

There are social media call-to-action buttons that can help promote your business better. These CTAs will push customers to inquire about your products and services. These buttons direct your followers to Messenger where they can ask about your brand. This becomes a golden opportunity for you to make a sale.

Promote Your Posts

As mentioned above, Facebook allows the promotion of posts for as little as $20 to $30, depending on how far you want the ads to be shown. You can set the parameters of the promotion for a fraction of the price you would when you promote using traditional Lakeland internet marketing.