The more social media buttons your page has, the better, right? They allow readers and web users to share your page’s URL address to other people. Well, that’s not exactly how this works. Sometimes, these social media buttons can do more harm to your Lakeland internet marketing campaign than good. Remember that web users want web pages to load in less than five seconds (sometimes, three seconds)? A lot of social media buttons on a page won’t help you with this goal.


Do you know why it takes so much time for you to order in a restaurant? It’s because there are too many choices. Try to go to a restaurant with a limited menu. It will help you decide faster. That’s how humans are. We are an enigma. We are indecisive about our careers, our personal lives, the food we eat, and which social media platform to share a page on.

Too many options can simply be paralyzing for some people. They might end up not sharing the web page at all, which is a travesty considering they want to in the first place. Social media button overkill is obnoxious, too. It shows disregard for what your customers expect from you. It shows you don’t even know your own target market enough to streamline the choices for them. What a shame that they will be pushed not to share your web page at all.

Makes Pages Load Slower

Again, it’s worth noting that even you have trouble waiting for a web page to load. When was the last time you actually waited 10 seconds for a page to load before closing the browser? You close a web page the instant it doesn’t open in three or five seconds. The presence of too many social media buttons will slow your web page down. The more buttons your site has, the more scripts it has to download. Your page will load at a snail-like pace.

Choosing the Best Buttons

You need to pick a handful of social media buttons to use for your website. You have to choose only those that ultimately help your Lakeland internet marketing goal. From which social media buttons does your site get the most referral traffic? Which platforms generate more shares, comments, likes, and engagements? These are the channels that you should choose. Look at the analytics. No matter your affinity for LinkedIn, it has to go if it does not generate traffic for your site.