It’s amazing how much Facebook is ingrained in our personal and professional lives. We use Facebook to communicate with our loved ones. We use it to stalk on an office crush. We even use it to monitor the activities of your employees (yes, admit it, you’ve done it at least once). But the other thing we’re using it for is for Lakeland internet marketing. While it’s not as complicated as stalking an ex-lover, it also has its difficulties.

Facebook algorithm is no different from Google’s. Engagement is one of the most important factors that the algorithm looks into when identifying which Facebook posts should appear on your news feed. The more people like, comment, and share your posts, the more your posts will appear on their news feed. All you need to do is get their attention regularly so that the algorithm will not forget about you. The same algorithm works for every major social media platform such as Instagram and Twitter.

Post Regularly

Give your audience something to read or think about every day. You don’t have to post every single hour because that’s excessive. However, you should use every single day to reach out to your audience. Do you know that American employees spend 29% of their time on Facebook? It happens between 1 to 3 PM, just after their lunch breaks. You should make it a point to post during that period.

Post Photos on the Comments Section

If you have a photo that’s relevant to the comment you’re making, post it on the photos section. Photos there stick out like a sore thumb. Casual readers tend to stop and look at the photo comment because it’s interesting to see what it has to say. The effort it takes to post that photo will attract the attention of casual readers.

Boost Your Posts

Facebook said that on average, a person should see over 1,500+ stories every time they log on the platform. Because of the algorithm, they can only see about 300 stories. The quickest way to get your engagement rate to increase is to boost or promote your posts. Facebook allows you to target your audience by customizing the promoted posts. Some of the factors of the customization are location, job title, age, gender, behaviors, connections, and interests.

This is a cost-effective Lakeland internet marketing strategy. You can target your existing Facebook fans since they already expressed interest in your brand. When they “like” your boosted post, it will appear on their timeline. Their friends and followers will see it. That will expand your total audience reach.