Posting links on social media has become relevant to every business. If you want to survive in any industry, you need to constantly engage your audience. But audience engagement isn’t just about what you post, but it’s also about what you share with them. One Lakeland internet marketing strategy that works wonder for any business is posting a relevant link on your news feed. What’s a relevant link? It could be anywhere from industry news to press releases to cross-promotions.

But links should not appear as is. They shouldn’t be shared the way you share posts on your personal news feed. When using your business profile to post and share links, make sure you have something to say about it. Your audience will not automatically like or open a link just because you clicked share. They need to be intrigued by what you post.

Ask a Question

The easiest way to get more reactions and comments from your followers and friends is to ask a question. Post a question accompanying a link. Do they care about this expert’s opinion? What do they think of this cross-promotion? Do they believe what the studies are saying? Show your followers that you are curious about their opinions. Since people are very opinionated on social media now, they will likely post a comment on your link. That’s engagement. You can use it to build a relationship with your audience.

Post Your Opinions

It is not always advisable to post your opinion about a certain news item or information. But if your opinion is made for fun and the post wasn’t that serious, you can share your fun opinions with your followers. Posting your opinion will open up opportunities for your followers to share their opinions with you, too. That will create a fun experience of sharing your ideas with each other.

Create a Hashtag

But how can you attract more people to your post? Particularly people who are not your followers or your fans on social media? You can create a hashtag. This way, when people search using that particular hashtag, they can be directed to your post. Once they are on your post, it will be up to the link you shared if it can create enough interest in your target audience.

These tips should help you create a more engaged audience. It will build a community on social media that you can target with your Lakeland internet marketing strategies.