When it comes to your Lakeland internet marketing, there are so many platforms and tools that you can use to boost your marketing. One of the most popular tools that can be used today is Instagram. The reason why this is so popular is that the demographic that uses this platform is one that is highly sought after by many businesses.

However, like all other forms of online marketing, you have to make sure that this is done properly to get the benefits that you’re looking for from it. Here is what you need to know about Instagram marketing for your Lakeland internet marketing strategy.

Use high-quality images

Always keep in mind that Instagram is, first and foremost, a visual-based platform. Because your images are going to be the main focus, you should always remember to use high-quality images, especially if you’re going to be promoting your products and services. While you don’t need to use professional photos, you should make sure that the images are good quality enough that your audience can see what you’re trying to say with your content.

Written content matters, too

Of course, while your visual content is definitely important, you shouldn’t disregard the written content as well. In this case, captions are included in a typical Instagram post, which means that you should also take the time to pay attention to the quality of your captions. This allows you to work on your SEO and a little bit of content marketing to create a well-rounded Instagram marketing strategy.

Be genuine

Because of the culture of “influencers” and “Insta-celebrities”, plenty of online users have become more suspicious of brands that base their entire marketing strategy online. In order to help counter this, you should make sure that you be as authentic as possible when you create your content and post it on Instagram. Your main goal is to engage users, and if you don’t come off as engaging, then they’re not going to want to put in the effort.

Practice consistency

Like all other forms of Lakeland internet marketing, it’s very important to practice consistency when it comes to the posts that you put up on your social media and Instagram. Remember that your online profiles serve as your branding, so you need to maintain consistency and keep it true to your business’ branding.

Learn how to use hashtags

In SEO and content marketing, you have keywords. In Instagram and social media marketing, you have hashtags. These are designed to help users find your content, so make sure to plan out your hashtags properly and use them sparingly.