Lakeland web designWhenever the business is doing good, owners are all guilty of compromising some of the things they were too focused on previously like the online marketing strategy. When the profit is good, most business owners would simply focus on selling more rather than promoting the business more. This is where the failure starts. When your Lakeland web design is being neglected, your customers will also feel the impact of that neglect.


Here are some ways on how you’ll know your website is already failing:


Less engagement


If your website used to have hundreds of engagements in a day and then slowly this number just starts to fall, you’ll know that there is something wrong with it. Whether it’s the change in layout or you’re simply not getting in touch with your customers. Remember that when customers engage on your site or your social media accounts, they want to hear something from your side. When you fail to respond to their queries or their comments, you are essentially ignoring them. Customers don’t want to be ignored.


Less traffic


The tell-tale sign of a failing website is the number of unique visits it gets every day. Once this number drops, the only reason you can possibly point to is you are not appearing on top of the Google search engine anymore. Maybe you are not using the right SEOs? Maybe you are not updating the site with the right content? Whatever it is, you have to immediately pinpoint the source of the problem and rectify it.


Lower income


When your business has a lower income for this months, it only means one of two things: one, there is a change in consumer behavior; or two, you are failing to attract the right customers to your business. Failure to attract the interest of new customers and retain that of the old ones can be pinpointed to your traditional marketing strategies or your website. If your website is doing its job of maintaining the interests of your customers (both old and new), your business’ income should not be suffering.


Lower number of “followers”


Were you used to the high number of followers? Do your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts always attract new followers? Once you notice that the number significantly dropped, it only means that you are failing to update your site and your social media accounts. It might also be indicative of disinterest due to your Lakeland web design.