What keeps web visitors from your website? Why do they immediately close the browser when they land on your homepage? What is on your homepage that makes them want to leave? Or better yet, what is not on your Tampa web design that pushes them off your page? Every single detail and element of your webpage should be about your audience. From the homepage to the about us info page to the contact us page, it should be about how to make their experienced better.

Tiny problems in the site could lead to a web visitor wanting to leave the website. It will affect the web user’s decision to purchase or not. If your site loads a little too slow for their liking, they will leave it and find another website to browse. If they cannot find your contact number, they will leave and look for another company. Web visitors are fickle. They want the best experience possible when browsing your site. There are no ifs or buts for them. If they land on your page, the only thing that will make them want to stay there is a seamless experience.

Turning Casual Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Customer experience is paramount in turning a casual website visitor into a loyal customer. Do you want to make them purchase an item? Then, they need to find the information they want when they need it in the shortest time possible. When it comes to attracting web visitors, remember that for many of them, their time is gold. That’s not a phrase you hear repeatedly throughout your life. Now that you’re an adult, you understand that every second counts.

Wasting your web visitors’ time by not providing a seamless experience on the website is one way of pushing them away. They won’t want to transact with an e-commerce site that couldn’t even load a page in under five seconds. What good would it do your business if you have great products but no one has the patience to see them anymore because the product page takes too long to load?

If you aren’t sure if your Tampa web design provides a great experience to customers, better check it out now. Stop browsing your site from the perspective of its owner/manager. Find a friend who can be honest with you about his experience browsing the website. If there’s even a small glitch there in terms of usability, ease of navigation, visual appeal, and overall satisfaction, you should address that problem immediately.