In the world of marketing, online Lakeland marketing is quickly becoming the marketing method of choice of a majority of businesses. The main reason behind this is that it is one of the most cost-effective methods out there, yet with one of the highest ROI.

It is extremely flexible and gives the business owner significant control over how they should tailor their online marketing strategies. However, like any other form of marketing, those who use these are concerned about results and if these marketing methods are working for them. To ease your concerns, here are some factors that help you determine if your online Lakeland marketing is working for your business and your website.

Website traffic

When it comes to the success of your website, site traffic is most likely the metric that you’re going to keep an eye out for. After all, this is the metric that tells you if people are actually finding and visiting your website.

However, it’s important to take into account the fact that there is a distinction between regular site traffic and the kind of website traffic that you need for conversions. Make sure to learn what the differences between these are to determine how successful your online marketing strategy is.

Type of website visitor

When you’re looking at the quality of your website visitors, there are two main types: new site visitors and returning website visitors. As the name suggests, new site visitors are users who are visiting your website for the first time. On the other hand, returning website visitors are users who repeatedly visit your website.

On the surface, this may seem negligent, because after all, aren’t all website visitors the same? However, this metric lets you know how many people are returning to your website. This indicates that your website contains valuable and consistent information for users to be interested enough to return to your website if all you see are new users, you have to look into what may be discouraging them from returning to your website.

Traffic from different channels

When you look into the traffic for your online Lakeland marketing, you should be aware of the fact that traffic comes from a variety of sources. Social media, organic search, paid ads, these are all online channels that your traffic can come from. There are tools that let you know where the biggest source of your traffic is coming from, which allows you to amend your marketing strategy to utilize each channel properly.