The world might have been upended by the coronavirus outbreak, but businesses will still need to survive. The world did not stop, though it now faces one of its toughest battles in modern history. But as a result, entrepreneurs had to retreat to their homes. They now have more time than ever to revisit their Lakeland web design, figure out if the design is still working for them, and update what elements needed to be updated.

It is not enough to build a website and just forget about it. It has to provide valuable insight and information to your target market. Web visitors should find useful information easily and efficiently. You don’t just leave the website to tend to itself. You have to mind the content, images, design elements, fonts, colors, tags, usability, and many more.

So, how will you know if the Lakeland web design is working for you or not? It all begins with Google Analytics. This tool shows web managers how the website is faring. Take advantage of the analytics report to see how you can improve your business. What are the things you must watch out for? You need to look at the landing page behavior of your web visitors (are they staying on the landing page, closing the window, or navigating to another page?), traffic acquisition (where is your web traffic coming from?), and conversions (are your web visitors converting or are they simply browsing and abandoning their carts?).

The right report from Google Analytics will show you which parts of the website need to improve. It will also show you which parts are doing well.

But just how much of your website is still doing its job in promoting your business? Because if web visitors are leaving your site as soon as they arrive, that’s not a good indication of your Lakeland web design. They may be finding your site lacking and wanting. They could be having a hard time navigating the site because of the confusing design elements.

High bounce rates, low conversion rates, and slow-moving web traffic are clear signs that it’s time for a redesign. This means the website isn’t working for you or your business anymore. It’s time to plan a renovation of some sort. You can rebuild your Lakeland web design from the ground up or simply change elements to improve the metrics. Nevertheless, one way to know if your site is doing what it should be doing is to monitor it regularly.