Many Lakeland web design owners are readying their websites in preparation for the holiday season. Marketing plans, email campaigns, and other preparations for the holidays are needed to boost sales and conversions.

However, for all of their preparations, many website owners overlook preparing their websites for the incoming holiday traffic. If you’re not careful, then you will find that your website will not keep up with the increased demand over the holidays. Read on to learn more about how you can prepare your Lakeland web design for the holidays.

Never forget about mobile-first design

Always remember that online users are more likely to browse your website on a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly and adaptable to differently-sized screens, then you will miss out on a lot of holiday traffic. Make sure that your website is easily accessed and used on mobile devices so that this will not be a problem that you have to deal with.

Test your website

It is one thing to say that your website is ready for the holidays, but it’s another matter to showcase that fact. Many business owners think that their sites are ready for the holidays, only to find that it cannot handle the traffic load. This will lead to a loss in sales and conversions, which many small businesses cannot handle. To avoid this, you have to make sure to test your website completely to guarantee that it can handle the influx of holiday shoppers.

Check your web hosting

A large part of why some websites are incapable of handling the holiday traffic is because they have chosen a poor hosting provider to take care of their websites. Going for the cheapest option is only going to hurt your website in the long run, as these providers are rarely capable of handling large traffic loads on their sites. Because of this, make sure to verify whether or not your chosen hosting provider is capable of a sudden spike in traffic without crashing your site.

Make sure your security is up to the task

Security will always be a huge concern, especially for online users. This is especially important for people who are shopping during the holidays, since they will be entrusting your website with their financial information.

Make sure that your Lakeland web design conveys a strong sense of security to the user while maintaining a holiday-friendly design for your site so that your customers will feel comfortable handling their holiday shopping there. Double-check all of your security measures so that you are sure that there are no security issues for your shoppers when they enter their financial details on your site.