For years, web designers have espoused the importance of clean lines and white space on websites. But over the recent years, we have also seen how they transitioned to a more colorful and semi-cluttered web design. You can find elements of monochromatic gradients and funky big fonts on many websites today. So, is it still true that minimalism in Orlando web design is the most sustainable theme for a website? Should web designers still aim for a minimalized theme?

We are still not over the KonMari method. We still want a decluttered web design. We want to make sure that our eyes won’t strain by looking at different elements on a web page. Research suggests that visual complexity affects a user’s perception of what he is looking at within 15 milliseconds of exposure.

Users are more attracted to websites with a clean design. And users are more intelligent now than they ever were before. They know when they are being duped to think that a website can offer more than what it can actually do. Modern web users want to browse through websites that have the necessary components. They are not blinded by bells and whistles. These are distractions for them.

In short, a minimalist design encourages higher engagement, better usability, and a more aesthetic appeal. Take Google as an example. It is the most popular website but a visit to its homepage will show you that it espouses minimalism. The search engine’s homepage is so clean and uncluttered that you know immediately what to do in it—search.

Google’s homepage is designed to center around its primary function, which is the search button. You may think they don’t care about their brand, but they do. That is the brand. Searching for a query is the brand. The philosophy behind this is the less your homepage has, the more your web users can see.

In terms of Orlando web design, less is only more if the less does more. Your website’s design should be focused on the user experience, which means that designers need to create the most usable and attractive sites as much as possible. They need to focus on what the web visitors want to see. When they carefully apply the principles of minimalism in web design, a website with fewer but more functional elements can simplify and improve the users’ interaction with it.

If you want a minimalist web design, you have to find a web designer that specializes in this kind of design.