Your website’s content will fulfill part of the Lakeland web design requirements. Many experts will suggest that you focus on how your website looks because this will drive traffic to your site. However, studies have found out that web visitors will value websites that give them easy-to-find information and valuable content. They give credit to websites that give them relevant information over those that are focused solely on looking good.

Here is something you need to remember about web design: everyone loves cool features. Everyone likes to see beauty. Everyone likes an easy-to-navigate website. As web visitors, we need information and reliable content. But as website owners, we need to deliver our audience’s demands and we want results.

These are the two things that you must remember when planning a website design: giving relevant information to your audience in producing results for your website. But how can you achieve these two things with mere web design?

A survey by HubSpot said that web visitors value finding relevant information and content over beautifully designed websites and fancy user experience. When asked what is the most important factor for them in browsing a website, 75% of the respondents said that it is finding the information they need. Only 10% are looking for a beautiful design and then 9% are seeking cutting-edge interactive experience. The other 5% are searching for miscellaneous features on the website.

The other study was conducted by NN Group. The survey showed that when a website fails to attract visitors and make them stay, it is because they cannot find relevant information on the site and not because it’s not beautifully designed. When asked about the causes of failure for a website, 60% of the users said it was because they couldn’t find valuable content. About 12% said it was because of the search features while only 9% said that it’s because of the design of the website and another 9% said it’s about the kind of information they found.

Other factors are task support and fancy design. This only shows that website that is trying too hard with their Lakeland web design may also be turning away customers.

You need to take these studies to heart and apply its results every time you are going to plan for Lakeland web design. Most of the times, web owners tend to focus more on how their websites look than what they upload on it. It is time to give notice to content as an integral part of the web design.