ECommerce is one of the biggest industries in the tech world right now. Before, eCommerce was limited to websites and merchant platforms like eBay and Amazon. Today, plenty of social media platforms are beginning to integrate eCommerce support into their platforms. This is a great option for online users who like to stay primarily on the social media applications on their phones, and are more comfortable transacting on these platforms. More and more merchants are catching on to this, making use of various internet marketing strategies to increase sales on social media platforms. However, eCommerce on social media doesn’t utilize the same internet marketing strategies as typical eCommerce platforms. Here are some tips that you can use to help you out and increase your sales.

Choose your platform

As we’ve mentioned before, different social media platforms utilize different marketing strategies. It’s all a matter of finding out which platform can be best used for your products and your business’ goals and ideals. Here we have compiled a list of different social media platforms and how each one can be properly used for your eCommerce business.


Facebook will always be the number one social media platform for a majority of online users, and now that they have included a marketplace feature into the platform, it is also becoming popular for eCommerce businesses as well. Some of the most important things to remember when selling on the Facebook platform is to control the number of ads that you put out on the platform. Users have the freedom to block your page if they feel overwhelmed by the number of posts that they see from your page, and that is the opposite of what you want. Maintaining a good balance of page boosts and ads you put out is a great way to utilize this platform.


Because of the image-focused aspect of Instagram, plenty of clothing and apparel shops have begun making use of the Shoppable Posts feature that Instagram has just rolled out. If you see something on a post that you like, you can simply tap on the picture to see the link to the store so you can buy it. It allows users to do everything on one platform. When selling on Instagram, remember to always use high-quality images on your post, since images take up a significant portion of a post. You can also make use of popular influencers or bloggers to advertise your products.