Thanks to website leasing is now available all across the United States of America.

Equipment and durable goods leasing has been around for years but not until now has website leasing been offered on a mass scale. Thanks to and its parent company Business Marketing LLC the financing/leasing of what can be very expensive website projects is available.

According to Business Marketing LLC and it’s web design company, BrightSky Web Design, customers have been asking if there were financing options available. We often are asked if we would be able to spread out the cost of the website project over many months.

We are excited to be a pioneer in the product and service offering of website leasing.

Very few financial firms would be willing to offer such a service. The reason why is there is no asset like a computer, or a truck, or a heavy piece of equipment, that could be recovered in the worse case of lease default. A website is nothing more than software and many hours of programming by skilled technicians and should a customer default on their lease there would be nothing of value to recover.

When we asked if they were concerned about the financial risk that their company would be undertaking with the leasing of website projects to customers they answered “We trust our customers and want to help them grow their businesses and we believe that this will be a winning proposition for all involved.”

To find out more if a website lease would benefit your company visit and fill out the “Quick Quote” form to find out more the details and just how easy and fast it is to get started.

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