Sure, you made your popups effective by using call-to-action buttons and timing their appearance on the site well, but why are they still not being as efficient as they should? Why are your web visitors still ignoring them? Worse, why are they leaving your website the moment these appear on their screens? Is there something wrong with your Lakeland web design or are the popups the culprit?

Some web owners simply use the default setting and template of the popups. They run the popups on their websites even if these are not consistent with the overall theme, style, and appearance of the site. This inconsistency makes web visitors think that the popup is spam. And if it’s spam, the first instinct for web visitors is to close the site and never return. You may never have the opportunity to bring these lost customers back to your site again.

Make the Popups’ Design Consistent

Make the color scheme, style, and design of the popups consistent with your overall Lakeland web design. The primary and secondary colors can be switched to differentiate the popup from the website, but the colors should still be consistent with what you used on the main website. The popups will make customers feel that they are a part of the website if the colors and fonts are the same. They will be less intimidated by their sudden appearance on the screen.

The goal of your website should be to make people feel at home. When they land on your site, every element should work to make these visitors want to stay and browse your website. If they feel that their security is being compromised because of the site, they will close the window regardless of how informative your content is. Risking the security of the information they leave on your site isn’t worth whatever they can find on your website.

For better visual exposure, you can lighten the main website while the popup is on the screen. Or, you can use darker shades of color on the popup to make it stand out from the rest of the website. You should also be careful with the kind of images you use on the popup. If you used professional models on the website, that might not be as effective on the popup. Think about using your own employees to humanize the company.

Consider these tips when designing the popups. Make sure they are consistent with the overall Lakeland web design, so web visitors will feel comfortable signing up for what these popups are offering.