A clearly defined goal or objective can go a long way in helping create a clear cut idea of where your new Lakeland web design project is heading. User conversion, which refers to the conversion of site visitors into customers is the main goal of any web design. But how do you determine if your website is succeeding in that goal?

Google Analytics comes in handy for scenarios like this. For the uninitiated, Google Analytics is a web tool which allows you to analyze your site’s traffic and user activity, which helps you draw conclusions based on this data, which is great for understanding the actions of your users.

Popular in SEO and online marketing, plenty of website owners overlook how analytics can be used in a Lakeland web design. In fact, when done right, this date can be used to plan out the entirety of your web design, which will make an impact on the success of your web design. If you’re using Google Analytics for your web design, the specific analytics that you need to note are bounce rate, conversion rate, engagement, as well as any other metrics that measure and focus on user interactions on your site.

Your site’s bounce rate refers to the rate of website visitors in relation to how long they stayed on your website and interacted with your site elements. A high bounce rate indicates site visitation, but low visitor retention since they opted to “bounce out” of your site. This site metric can help you look into what part of your website is causing a high bounce rate so that you can fix it.

A conversion rate is analytic that refers to the percentage of users who have visited and interacted with your site and carried out and of action that benefits the site owner. Conversions refer to the primary objective of any website, as this is the main goal of the website as a whole. This date can be used to strategize the placement of your calls to action, which are designed to help users convert.

User engagement simply refers to site interaction by your site visitors on your Lakeland web design. This particular analytic is comprised of a number of factors, which includes the average amount of time that a user spends on your website, as well as what your website visitors do on your website.

If you see that your site engagement is low, then this may be an indicator that users are not interested in your site’s content. The main goal of your Lakeland web design is to entice your visitors into interacting with your site and converting. Your website analytics can be used to optimize your site design so that it attracts visitors into interacting with your site elements.