Lakeland web designThere are many reasons why your Lakeland web design is not attracting customers the way it should be. You’re probably noticing the way your competition’s websites are gaining more followers and unique visits, and you’re wondering why the same isn’t happening for your site.Here are some unique tips to improve your web design:

Clean it up

Nothing is more irritating for a visitor than a graphics-loaded website. Remember that you only have about 8 seconds before your potential customer loses patience and moves on to the next site. If in 8 seconds, your website cannot convince a client to stay, then you may have lost him/her for good.

Most browsers don’t support flash format, and a visitor either has to see a blank graphic or download a flash player to load it. Know that flash has not been the format of choice for many web designers since about a decade ago.

Your website does not need to have loads of animations, graphics and videos. Use these to support your content, and never for aesthetic purposes only.

You might also want to stop using jargons. They are heavy on the sight, and most people frown at websites using complicated language to explain their point.

Include social media buttons

Make it easy for your visitors to follow your company on social media and to share your posts by including social media and follow buttons on your website. This is an easy way for your business to generate more buzz because shared articles usually get passed on to another account and another until visitors are flocking to your site.

Put the buttons on every page of your site–the homepage, landing pages, blog articles, marketing emails, etc. Let your visitors know in every page they visit that they can share what they’re learning from your site.

Put a call for action

After everything that your visitors consumed, don’t forget to make them act. Add a call to action by telling them to click for more information, download our sample, request for an assessment, see pricing, watch videos, and call for details.

Use the right images

It has been said over and over again, and it is worth repeating. Do not use stock images. Use actual photos of your employees, your office, and your products. Put effort into your website by using actual images of what’s really happening in your office and what you are offering. Make it personal, but professional at the same time.