Interestingly, website maintenance is the last thing in the minds of web administrators. Curious, isn’t it that web maintenance is overlooked by freelancers, web designers, web developers, and web owners? Lakeland web design could be seriously affected by the lack of maintenance measures put in place by a web administrator.

Before a new project begins, make sure that the client is aware of the maintenance that needs to be done on the website that he will have designed. It’s not enough to have thousands and thousands of bandwidth. Constant and regular monitoring is the only way for a website to be protected from loss of data, hacking, and many other things.

WordPress Updates

If you are using WordPress as a content management system (and believe us, WordPress is the most developer-friendly CMS out there), make sure you aren’t missing any updates. WordPress is regularly updated to protect its system from hacking, phishing, and to keep up with the latest trends. Check if your website is using the latest version of WordPress. It should tell you right away the moment you opened the dashboard.

Theme and Plugin Updates

Are you using various themes and plugins on your Lakeland web design to make it more navigational and user-friendly? If you are, then you need to constantly check the developers of these themes and plugins if they made any changes or updates on the programs. Failure to update may render the plugins useless, so make sure your themes and plugins are all up-to-date.


Some scrupulous hackers will inevitably try to get into your website. That’s what they do when they noticed that your site lacks the necessary security measures. This is why it’s important to always keep your site’s data backed up to a secure server. Set a schedule when these backups need to be done so the system can automatically do it without any human intervention.


How secure is your website? Does it use encryption? Does it have SSL certificates? Your website is going to hold sensitive data about your company information and the information of the clients who visited your site. If you collect email addresses using a form on your website, good hackers can access those, too.

Tracking and Reporting

Your Lakeland web design will tell you all about how to reach your target market. How will it do that? Through analytics. The site will produce reports on how many visited your website, how many of these are unique, where they came from, where they stayed on the site, what they did, and whether or not they purchased a product or a service.