Lakeland web designSo, you want how a one-page Lakeland web design looks, but your company has loads of products/services and information to share to customers. How can you have the best of both worlds? Simple. Go the hybrid approach.What’s a hybrid approach, you ask? A hybrid approach to web designing is taking the best of a one-page and multi-page layout and combining them for your website needs. It’s rejecting what doesn’t work for you (i.e. the single-page’s lack of landing pages) and harnessing the benefits of what does.

You can certainly do this with your Lakeland web design, and all you have to do is define what you like in these two web layouts, and make them the core of your own website. Here are some nifty ways of a hybrid approach to web designing:

A single-page homepage

Vimeo effectively utilizes the hybrid approach by having a homepage that mimics a single-page website. As you scroll through Vimeo (or even YouTube), you’ll get the feeling of being in a solo-page site.

However, when you click on a video, this will open on a new page and the illusion of a one-page site will shatter. This is perfectly okay because both Vimeo and YouTube have massive content that cannot be viewed on a single web page.

Funnel content to other pages

Put all the necessary information on your homepage–everything about the product, its features, where to get it, and the price. But if you need a separate page to discuss the details and other important stuff about your company, then don’t hesitate to create a separate page for that.

While you can build a single-page website, there is no harm to put links–FAQ, blog, company info, about us, contact us, organizational chart–on your footnote.

Use a hamburger menu

A hamburger icon is one we place usually on the upper right or left corner of the website. When you click it, a menu will drop down and you can navigate through the other pages.

When you use this for your Lakeland web design, it can imitate the layout of a single-page design because the hamburger icon appears on the corner even if you scroll the page down. This will allow you to access the “menu” no matter where you are on the homepage.

So, you see? There’s a way for you to get the benefits of both the single-page and multi-page web design. There’s no need to choose between the two because the hybrid approach is the way to go.