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HTML Website Design: Some Basics

A strong reputation is the cornerstone of a company’s success. That is why companies spend thousands of dollars to build effective customer care services. This also applies to making a terrific website. Website design is much more than mere coding of HTML. A meticulous presentation is extremely critical no matter your topic. A jumble of the HTML website design may fit the writer of the website, but, can hurt the company’s image.

Hyper Text Markup Language enables websites to combine graphics, links, video, and music. Any HTML code is viewable on any computer; both when typed on Windows PC for Apple computers and Windows, and when typed on an Apple Mac for Macs and PCs.

Notepad is the default Windows text editor tool for HTML website design. On a majority of Windows systems, by clicking the Start button, the Notepad remains accessible followed by Programs and Accessories. Any text editor works well with the HTML website design.

The next tool employed to view web pages is a web browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others have tools that are useful to web developers. HTML website design can also be done with AOL or MSN.

A Web host, the company whose server loads your .com, usually charges a fee. For individuals just experimenting with a personal website you can find hosting for a monthly fee of $5 to $10. Businesses who are concerned about website up-time, security and reliability will pay anywhere from $35 – hundreds of dollars per month for hosting depending on their needs and traffic.

HTML website design requires designers like the talented folks at who are quite adept at it. The professionals at BrightSky Web Design will discuss your project with you and then determine the technology needed to develop a winning site.

Make sure you never compromise the look and feel and most importantly the function of your site.

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