Think about your own behavior on social media. How many times a day do you watch a video on YouTube? If you haven’t watched by this time, you’ll probably do before going to bed. This is one good reason why your Lakeland internet marketing strategies should also be composed of YouTube videos.

YouTube Views

But imagine that you’re only a speck in the dust that are YouTube’s 1.8 billion users a month. This figure is more than the number of people who use Google and almost the same as Facebook’s users. On Facebook, half a billion people watch videos every day. Instagram joined in the fray of Lakeland internet marketing with its IG stories, as well as Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

YouTube Shares

People are not only watching videos on YouTube. They are also sharing content. They are commenting on videos. They are responding to comments on the said videos. Videos, in fact, are shared 1,200 times more than text and images. Consumers who watch demonstration videos are also 1.8 times more likely to buy the products they watched.

YouTube SEO

Seeing as YouTube is also owned by Google, does it come as a surprise to you that it is basically a search engine, too? Using a recommended engine, YouTube can suggest what videos to watch based on your behavior on the internet.

Ads pop out on the sides and in videos, too, so consumers basically cannot hide away from the information you want them to know about your products. According to YouTube, 70% of their consumers watch videos that have been recommended by the site. This means the video can work for your business even when you aren’t putting any effort on marketing it.

YouTube is Mobile-friendly

YouTube is made for mobile devices, which is where most people watch videos. Rarely do you see people watching videos on their laptops or desktops. The growth of mobile devices is quickly outpacing desktop so if you are not publishing content that is optimized for smaller screens, you are losing a lot of golden opportunities.

Your Lakeland internet marketing competitors are using YouTube. Your audience is using YouTube. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be maximizing the benefits of this video-sharing platform, which, truth be told, has no real competition in the market. YouTube remains to be the holder of all video-viewing and video-sharing records. It is a shame if you cannot recognize its power and harness it for your own business.