In truth, there is no direct path between your site’s privacy policy and Lakeland SEO. Search engine optimization rather stands on its own level of importance for websites and marketing strategies. But as with all things on the internet, everything seems to be interconnected. Without a secure and clear privacy policy, web visitors might not want to stay on your site and transact. They will leave and never return all because you were not clear enough with your cookie setting.

More than 92% of web users in the United States worry about their privacy online. People are also speaking more and more about the intrusion in the privacy of the websites they visit. Their social media profiles are locked as much as these things can be locked; often preventing strangers from checking out more information about them outside of their names. Some don’t even use their real names on their profiles for fear that others may lurk and steal their information.

A website (yours, for example) will most likely track the web visitor’s activities while browsing it. It will also collect the visitors’ geolocation, track emails through open-and-click rates, and use retargeting services to optimize the sales funnel. All of these will require some sort of intrusion into the visitors’ online activities. Not everyone is comfortable knowing that there’s a machine out there tracking their every move on the internet.

Trust Factor

For Google to rank you high on the world wide web, you have to give it a reason to do so. It depends on whether web visitors trust your website or not. Do they stay on your site once they land there? Do the visitors immediately close the browser? Can the page load in under a second? These are important metrics for Google to consider whether web visitors trust your site or not.

There are groups that rate the trustworthiness of your website. You can check your trust indicators: trust and child safety. The higher your score, the more likely it is that Google will index your site and rank it higher on search engine results. Of course, it’s not easy to gain your web visitors’ trust. You have to, among many others, get SSL certification and make your web pages load faster.

Believe it or not, but people gauge trust for the site based on the load time. People are not likely to wait up to five seconds for the site to load. About 50% of consumers said they want a web page to load in as fast as two seconds or less. Anything more than that can be catastrophic to your Lakeland SEO.