Your website’s About Us page is more than just space where you can write generic information about your company. When people visit this page, it means they are interested to get to know your business and what it can offer them. Your job as the business owner is to hook them and to nurture this interest. If they cannot find useful and relevant information on your About Us page, that could badly damage your Lakeland internet marketing strategies, no matter how carefully designed these are.

Once a web visitor lands on your About Us page, that visitor is giving you the chance to tell him about your company, your vision and mission, your products and other offers, and ways how to reach you. He’s asking a question without really asking. Who are you? What can you offer me? What do you do? Why should I choose you?

Your About Us page should answer all these questions. It should tell visitors what your company is all about, what it offers, what it does, and most importantly, what sets you apart from your competition. All valuable and relevant information is welcome on this page. You cannot lose this golden opportunity of welcoming a guest and making him want to stay and browse through your offers.

But be careful about filling up the page with too much information. People never really want to read through that stuff anyway. It has to be available for those who like to know more about your company but it doesn’t have to be a must-read.

This means your visitors must have the option to read or not read the history of your company. The most important details they need to find on your About Us page is your contact information and social media channels, so make sure those are front and center.

So, here’s how the layout of your About Us page should look like: contact information (phone number, address, and social media channels) on top of the page and drop-down hamburger-like menus below for those who want to read your company’s story and mission/vision.

A minimalist design always works best for the About Us page. A clean design makes the page easier to the eyes and it also allows visitors to focus on the information at hand rather than on the design elements of the page. Your detailed attention in making sure the About Us page delivers the right information about your business will benefit your Lakeland internet marketing strategy.