One of the most interesting things that you can observe in recent trends in Lakeland web design is the more user-centric approach to developing and designing a website. Back when websites were first introduced as a concept, these sites were built for the sole intent of simply providing information, whether it was about a business or a service, and early designs didn’t really care much about how their users interact with their websites. Today, there is a significant emphasis on improving the user’s experience through their website browsing experience, to the point where some websites are giving users some level of control over their website and employing certain UX methods that help make users feel more important and valued by your website. Here are some of these Lakeland web design UX methods.

Do not assume anything about their activity

The thing about online users nowadays is that they like to take things at their own pace. Whether it’s streaming content for an infinite amount of time or scrolling down through pages and pages of content, users don’t like it when a website tries to interrupt their content consumption simply because they’re not following the typical activity displayed by an online user. Allow users to consume your content at their own pace, don’t interrupt them to sell something, or stop them simply because they took a break to do something else.

Make the entire process easier for them

This is especially true for eCommerce websites. If you have a high cart abandonment rate, you definitely need to be looking into your checkout process to try to determine what could be causing users to abandon their cart. Some eCommerce websites make the mistake of making the checkout process too difficult or long for users to fill out, so they tend to give up halfway through the checkout process. The key to good UX is to make the entire process from start to finish as simple as possible for the user.

Make everything as straightforward as possible

Some websites try too hard to be clever in their approaches or their Lakeland web design. While it might make sense from a personal point of view, for users, it just gets too confusing. Whether it’s using custom icons that don’t resemble anything, to unclear website copy that doesn’t really tell the user anything, these can do more harm than good. Always employ a straightforward approach when it comes to designing the UX on your website.

Optimize your site’s load speed

Time is more important now than it ever was. In an age where everything from information to products can be delivered quickly to us, users have grown more guarded with how they choose to spend their time. If your website takes too long to load, you may potentially lose out on users who may choose to get the information that they need somewhere else.