Intent-based keyword research will dominate Lakeland SEO strategies this year. As more and more web users become sophisticated with their queries, so does the algorithm that answers these queries. This means that for marketers and SEO specialists, the task is even more challenging. While high-ranking keywords still matter to your website’s rank, this is not the only important factor anymore. User intent is already a significantly more important ranking factor than high-ranking keywords.

The user intent depends on how the web users type their queries on Google. For example, using the words how to, tips, what is, and suggestions mean the users are looking for information. Words like buy, purchase, price, cheap, and help are transactional. Amazon sell, Facebook login, Pinterest, Instagram deactivate, and such are navigational. It means that the web users want to find a specific website or want to find how to do something on a specific website (although that latter part also falls under informational).

This means that if you want to drive traffic to your website and you want to convert this traffic, you have to answer these intentions. You either need to offer information, have something the web users want to buy, or be a link to a website they want to visit. Understanding your target market then becomes of primary importance. What are they searching for? What are their intentions when they search for these queries? If you want to divert traffic to your website, it means giving your target market what they want.

The question is, how do you find out what they want? This is when you need to create a buyer persona. This will allow you to understand what your buyers will be looking for when they search on the internet. How are they using Google, for example, to search for products and services they are interested in? And more importantly, do you provide what they are searching for? Do you have the answer to their “problems”?

Clickbaits won’t work anymore. That’s because when web users click on the link and found that you do not have what they expect to see, they’ll bounce from your page and that will add to your bounce rate. As you know, a high bounce rate is not a good indicator for a website. Google will eventually think you do not have the right content for its users, so it will stop indexing your website.

This impact on Lakeland SEO by user intent cannot be underscored enough. Marketers and SEO specialists alike should begin aligning their strategies to user intent.