Some business owners tend to get overconfident and complacent when it comes to their Lakeland website design. After all, if they have already paid thousands of dollars for a website design this year, why would they worry about the trends next year? Though we would want the answer to mean that we will not need to shell out extra money to update our sites, that’s not really possible, right? Trends exist because they are exactly what we need at that given time. These trends answer to the needs of the paying market. And if you’re in the business of making money, then that’s exactly what you’re aiming for when you design your website.

Outdated websites will run slow

Updates in your phones exist because the developers need to improve the firmware, the program itself, and other security measures. The aim is to clean the program and allow it to run smoothly for a longer period of time. Not updating your website is a risk you may not be willing to make. Outdated websites run slow and if they run slow, Google’s algorithm will skip over them. It doesn’t matter how relevant and informational your websites are; there’s nothing Google hates more than slow-loading websites (because they tend to lose customers fast).

Clients prefer better engagement with websites

An outdated website will not be integrated with the latest features that this market, the millennials, are becoming obsessed with. Chatbots, for example, was a thing when they were first introduced but back then, the internet is simply not prepared for how techy these chatbots are. Fast forward to today and you will be hard-pressed to find a website that doesn’t have chatbots in them. This betters the engagement with clients and helps any business to sell more.

Cluttered websites are the enemies of SEO

Websites need to be fast-loading so that it will rank higher in terms of SEO but unfortunately, many websites still follow the old thinking that the more animation, images, videos, and graphics there are on the site, better its chances of ranking high on Google’s search engine.

Well, in today’s world, that’s completely wrong. In the past five years alone, we have slowly transitioned into a flat, minimalist design that optimizes images, videos, and posts so that the website will remain informative without needing to load slowly. Google hates cluttered websites. Uniformity and balance are the elements that will continue to be trendy in the next years.