Whatever you post on your website or share on your social media page, as long as it’s created by you, that is yours. Copyright is automatic. You only need to file for it after 90 days of posting if you plan to seek legal actions against any person who uses the content illegally in the future. The same rules apply when you choose stock images for Orlando web design.

You cannot use photos from personal blogs and social media pages. You can only use photos that have been categorized as stock content. The site should explicitly say the content is free for download and use. The last part is very important because there’s a huge difference between allowing you to download the image and use the image for commercial purposes.

Choose the Right License for the Image

For example, if you want to use a photo you found on a stock image website, you need to either download it for free or pay for it with a minimal fee. For free download, the image can mostly only be for personal use. For a small price of $5, it can be used for printing. Farther up the price range at $11 will be the charge for its digital use. This means you can use it on your Orlando web design. You need to be careful with the distinctions of the licenses.

Read the Social Media Platform’s Terms

Know what is acceptable and not acceptable for each platform. Pinterest, for example, allows users to post content with the understanding that they are “solely responsible” for them. This means that you could be re-pinning a post that is a copyright infringement of another’s work. For example, Alvin is not on Pinterest. When he baked a cake and posted its photo and its recipe on Facebook, his friend Maria copied and posted it on Pinterest. Then, Macy liked the post, so she pinned and reposted it on her account. In that scenario, both Maria and Macy are liable to Alvin.

Ask for Permission

The most basic thing to do is just to ask for permission from the creator of the image. It’s so easy that you don’t even have to break a sweat. Most creators would love to have their photos used and reposted on various social media pages as long as they get a backlink and credit. So maybe, all you have to do to be able to use a photo for your Orlando web design, is to email this to the creator: “Can I use your image for my website? You will be properly credited, of course.”