There are many factors that could influence the success of your online business, but none could be as catastrophic as not finding the right SEO to use and get a solid search ranking on Google. More than 80 percent (in some studies, 90 percent) of internet users use Google to search for topics that are important to them. If your online store does not rank on the first page of the search results, you are losing a golden opportunity to attract customers and retain loyal ones.

Choose the right domain name

We see online stores and businesses that use names that are hard to remember or spell in their domain. There are two things you have to remember when choosing the right domain name: one, it has to be related to what you are selling; and two, it has to be easy to remember and spell.

Use the proper title tags and meta description

Some sellers are just plain lazy to input the proper title tags and meta description on their posts. But how would customers be able to find your items online? There are so many stores probably offering the same products that you are offering. What will make you stand out from the rest? It’s your title and your meta description. It has to have the right SEO, so that Google can tag it and put it on the first page of the search results.

Make your link URLs easy to read

The link URLs are the actual product links for each of your web pages. They have to be readable, too. By default, URLs would look like this Google, however, is like a robot and it would see it as it is: nothing more than codes. If the potential customer is searching for preloved baby clothes, is Google going to give him your default URL link or would it detect a URL like this: Choose your URLs wisely, so you won’t isolate Google and many customers.

Write reliable and relevant content

We’ve seen a lot of pages that have great photos of the products but no text whatsoever. Google depends on the text. If you want that SEO results from Google, you need to write some description about your product. It will help your customers and your SEO. Just make sure that the content is reliable information and that it is relevant to the product you pictured. Do not try to fool Google by using the right keyword within a misleading blur of words.