The problem with many businesses is that they don’t look beyond their websites when it comes to Lakeland SEO. Are they forgetting that search engine optimization also works on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Although Google’s algorithm is not really clear on how it ranks Instagram pages, there is evidence that Instagram uses the same algorithm to rank profiles. Have you noticed that the pages you engage with and interact with on Instagram appear the most on your feed?

Instagram is perfect for Lakeland SEO because it works like a search engine. Keywords and hashtags are also keys to ranking high on Instagram. The more well-optimized your Instagram page is, the higher the engagement it will receive and the higher its rank will be on search engines. When your business page is a good ranking on search engine and social media, you will attract more audience and customers, you will receive more inquiries, you will make more sales, and you will drive engagement.

Create a Cohesive IG Page

You need to remember that unlike Facebook, Instagram is all about the visuals. You have to post regularly and on schedule. You also have to think about how your feed looks. You have to produce high-quality images. You have to have a mix-and-match of images—both produced by you and some user-generated content. In short, you have to be consistent throughout your business page. You have to post at the right time, use the proper hashtags, and optimize the captions.

When it comes to using hashtags, make sure to group similar ones together. The same goes for optimized captions. Create a template of your captions and simply edit them depending on the post you’re going to make. Of course, don’t ever let the post feel and look robotic.

Make a Searchable Username

So many businesses make the mistake of including numbers and symbols in their usernames. This isn’t really helpful if you want your audience to remember you. Your username should be searchable and easy to remember. Think of it the same way you use keywords in your blogs. Use the keyword that your target market will most likely use when they enter a query in the search bar.

Give Incentives

Your followers should receive something for the simple act of believing you are worth their time. Make sure they can get access to discounts, promo codes, and other exclusive information when they interact with your brand. Let them know by engaging, doors of incentives are opening up to them.